About OctagonMed

Octagon Med’s mission is to provide healthcare specialists innovative tools to improve patient care. The growing demand for increased efficiency, due to the explosion of patient data and the constraints in personnel, drives the healthcare systems towards compromisation of quality of care. Only by the enthusiastic adoption of new technology that can significantly help medical experts, can this situation be overcome. Octagon Med is trying to address this need, by actively promoting disrupting technologies that can lead to a better patient care now.

Support Radiology

By partnering with radiologists, we feel that the right way is to support their everyday workload, free them from repetitive and boring tasks and boost them to enhance their reading expertise. 

Transform Patient Care

By embracing new technologies that can identify high risk patients earlier, or treat patients with micro-invasive techniques, the outcome would be to achieve more satisfied and better treated patients.

George Mitalas

Founder & CEO

Msc in Biomedical Engineering – BSc in Electrical and IT Engineering

George directs OctagonMed’s strategy as well as the overall solutions and collaborations. His proven professional course in the medical technology field, provides the best equipment to address the current and future challenges in healthcare environment.

Theodoros Komineas

IT Project Manager 

Msc in IT Security – BSc in Electrical and IT Engineering

Ted is an expert in developing innovative solutions to complex, value-driven problems, working closely with his teams. Having worked on various technologies from different roles, he is offering a deep understanding of how the technology can help in ways that benefit all stakeholders.

Spyros Pandis 

Financial Advisor

BSc, University of West Attica

Spyros has 20 years of experience in business unit management and entrepreneurship. He brings to OctagonMed his passion for building and running business in a creative and collaborative innovation environment.

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