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We bring innovative solutions to the field, so as to help healthcare providers and professional to work in a more lean and efficient way.

Based on our long expertise, along with the collaboration of innovative healthcare IT companies, we can vision, plan and benchmark new changes in the workflow of healthcare providers, so as to reach their desired KPI’s.








How can we help you?

What is Octagonmed?

OctagonMed is a healthcare company that delivers innovative solutions in the IT and therapies areas, so as to help providers increase their productivity and become more competitive in the fast-changing healthcare environment.

How Do I Know if your Products are Right for Me?

Our methodology consists of a well-defined pathway where we analyse the current situation together with our customer, we establish goals, we define the strategy and the timeline for each specific project. After the implementation phase, we make a precise follow-up and proceed to adjustments where needed, with the ultimate goal to match the systems to individual needs.

What are the resources of OctagonMed?

Currently, we are 3 people on board, with broad professional experience in sales, project management, IT and financials who, together with the workforce of our partners that can assign specific resources for each project, we can easily scale up and execute complex projects.

Why work with us?

The changes we are proposing for the organizations can boost productivity, improve collaboration and bring more customers, patients as well as professionals. Through our trusted network of technology companies, our customers can gain access to highly innovative technological solutions to resolve common problems, and path their own lean way towards success.




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